Minergie Schweiz

Minergie, the quality standard for your sustainable building

  • Optimal indoor temperatures and air quality 

  • Clear reduction of energy consumption, CO2 emissions and costs

  • Valuable investment 

  • Certified Swiss quality

Where to find us?

Red dots = Minergie offices; Blue dots = Minergie projects

Minergie – a proven Swiss concept goes international

The Minergie label has been issued for the first time in Switzerland in the 1990s. Since then, it has been developed from a pioneer idea to one of the most climate-conscious building standards in the world. The purpose of Minergie is to higher the valuation of energy-conscious construction that pursues a superior living comfort.

The first hundred buildings outside Switzerland have been certified according to the Swiss requirements. However, with the mission to reduce the CO2 emissions in the worldwide building sector, Minergie has decided to develop foreign standards better adapted to other local circumstances. (e.g., adapted to the regional climate types, regulations, standards and building cultures). The first international standard has been developed in 2021 in Chile.

Minergie’s know-how pool is orchestrated by the Minergie’s association with headquarters in Basel, Switzerland.